Without A Doubt — I’m doing this.

30 May


What a “Hands Free” Summer Look


Such an inspiring post.

This blog, alone, will & has contribute/d to such a profound change in my own life, as well as my sons life. I’ve only read a few post and already feel more hopeful and unbelievably enlightened.

I’m excited to continue reading during my down time.

I am unbelievably grateful for this day, as it is my first time stumbling upon this and I know the risk I’m taking by admitting this but I’ve been extremely discouraged & lost hope in my abilities as a mother.  I had taken on too much & all at once – putting the most important part of my life to the side for selfish reasons; wanting to spend time achieving my personal goals in life.

I was too busy.

That’s probably the most painful thing I’ve ever confessed. 

To anyone.

I believe that the reason I am so capable of ‘fessing up to this is because I know how inspired I have become & when I get inspired I don’t let up on things easily.

So, I’m looking forward to a wonderful change in the dynamics of being a mother – that I know will make me feel complete & whole again. 

This is my # 1 goal & the best part – I’m 100% capable.


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