Someone who could just laugh at me

29 Apr

I don’t think that I necessarily NEED someone in order to feel complete or “whole”. 

What I need is someone who’ll just laugh at me at the end of each day that has been anything somewhat similar to the one I had today.

When I come home from work dragging my feet and with tears in my eyes &  a pouty face because my day had been some-what tough — I just NEED someone who’ll laugh at that no matter what.

OR when they get home only to find me in the middle of the livingroom floor kicking and whining in my squealing little child voice as if the entire world has mistreated me… I NEED SOMEONE WHO IS ABLE TO WALK IN THAT SITUATION and… JUST LAUGH.

…because I do that.  That is me.  I am 100% capable of throwing little temper tantrums. I mean,  drop my little crying ass on the floor in .04 seconds – then  seriously start kicking the floor like a little kid.  I do those things and I’m a little brat sometimes.  I admit it.  It’s just me.

I NEED someone to remind me to laugh at all the shit that is handed to me on my tough days.

Or at least step over me and continue about their business without freaking out.

I also love the thought of being able to think of them laughing at me when I get home during the exact moments that this tough shit gets thrown at me throughout my day because I KNOW once I think of how ridiculously silly I’m going to look to them while I’m being a brat… It will make me smile and then, well, the tough shit  won’t be so bad anymore.

Just, at the end of the day… THAT someone who knows how to laugh off the bullshit even when I seem to be drowning in it.



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