Fall down seven times, stand up eight

22 Mar

So here I am;
I’ve risen up off my knees.
I stand stronger than one can be –
Gods words sworn in, through & around me.

His words you believe – He’s all you see?
Silence your mind dear and hear me:  Unkind words are only a reflection of thee. 

I’m more of a mother than another could even pretend to be.

Never again will anothers words disguise my purity –

Forgiveness is yours at last but be careful who you trash;  your faith seems to have been hacked.

Don’t get down on your beliefs – it’s just that you utter words mistakenly.

Stop pushing me – your battle seems to only exist internally.

There’s no reflection in you that I see – trust this – Hell has already tried me.

This life – it’s what built me – standing on the foundation of dreams;

Now & forever I’ll live in simplicity.

God’s grace embodied in me.


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